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Tunisia Holidays

Tunisia Holidays

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From desert dunes and sand-lined beaches to charming villages steeped with history, a holiday under Tunisia’s sizzling sun is one you won’t forget.

Destination highlights

  • Year-round sunshine
  • Over 1,000km of coastline
  • Cultural hotspot for adventurers
  • Heaven for foodies
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    What are the best beaches in Tunisia?

    Some of the most spectacular beaches in the Mediterranean await on your beach holiday to Tunisia. Check out this diverse range of beaches:

  • Hammamet – beaches are the star of the show in charming Hammamet, with their white sands, wealth of marine life and warm waters.
  • La Marsa – recognised as one of the most beautiful beaches in Tunisia, La Marsa features emerald waters and luxurious resorts.
  • Kelibia Beach – a favourite with the locals with the most pristine sands.
  • El Haouaria – a non-touristy beach surrounded by nature, known for its immaculate sands and waters.
  • Sidi Bou Said – a combination of African and Greek influences, with gorgeous, white-washed sands and buildings in the adjacent town.
  • Gammarth – renowned as the most luxurious beach in Tunisia, lined with palms and offering a range of watersports.

  • Tunisia beach
    Fancy a closer look? Check out our whistle-stop tour of the best beach spots in Tunisia.

    What are the top hotels in Tunisia?

    Tunisia is a blissful holiday destination for families, couples or groups of friends. Finding the right accommodation is key, so keep an eye out for these top hotels:

  • Phenicia Hotel - tranquillity is the prime pull to this hotel with its location near Hammamet and its own private beach.
  • Iberostar Selection Kantaoui Bay - a five-star holiday is guaranteed in this luxury hotel with its beachfront location in Kantaoui Bay.
  • Iberostar Selection Royal El Mansour - a family-friendly hotel with something for everyone, situated on the beachfront and packed with activities for all ages.
  • Hannibal Palace - minutes away from the sands, this hotel has the traditional Tunisian appeal and a host of amenities.
  • El Mouradi Gammarth - luxury living and serenity couldn’t be easier in this hotel packed with top facilities.
  • The Sindbad - set on the beachfront of Hammamet, this five-star hotel has a contemporary appeal.
  • Marhaba Salem Hotel - a favourite for beach-lovers, located just minutes away from the sands.

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    What’s the food like in Tunisia?

    Tunisian cuisine is a blend of flavours influenced by Arabic, European, and Middle Eastern cooking. You’re guaranteed to enjoy the selection of food on offer. Here are some dishes to try on your trip:

  • Brik - a filo pastry pocket stuffed with parsley, tuna and egg, and then fried - it's the most famous Tunisian dish, and more appealing than the name suggests!
  • Lablabi - a broth or soup made from chickpeas and flavoured with garlic and cumin
  • Couscous - a classic dish made from semolina and typically served with meat or veg
  • Harissa - a spicy paste made with garlic and chili peppers, used as a condiment with salad, fish or meat, or as a dip
  • Tajine - the Tunisian version of a quiche, tortilla, or frittata with various vegetable fillings

  • Looking for places to eat in Tunisia? Check out these top dining spots:

  • Dar el-Jeld, Tunis - set in a grand, 18th-century mansion in the heart of the medina, offering a traditional menu
  • Chez Slah, Tunis - a tucked-away restaurant which is a favourite with the locals, offering a wide selection of the best Tunisian food
  • Le Barberousse, Hammamet - the place to be for an upmarket meal with picturesque views and a refined menu
  • Resto de la Plage, Hammamet - an idyllic beachfront venue serving up a mix of Mediterranean culinary dishes, perfect for a romantic dinner

  • Tunisia food

    Where's the best nightlife in Tunisia?

    Tunisia’s nightlife scene is unique and offers something for everyone, from lively clubs on the coast to casual cafés. Check out these spots for a memorable night:

  • Le Carpe Diem, Tunis - popular with the younger crowd, this exciting venue has the best cocktails, and music that’ll make you want to dance until the sun comes up.
  • Le Boeuf sur le Toit , Tunis - loved by locals and tourists alike for its lively atmosphere, this venue offers great live music to accompany you on the dance floor all night long.
  • Sidi Bou Hadid, Hammamet - a casual café by day, turned energetic shisha bar by night.
  • Calypso Club, Hammamet - this party hotspot has your name written all over it, renowned for hosting unforgettable parties with the best DJs from all over the world.

  • Tunisia nightlife

    What events can I go to in Tunisia?

    From traditional cultural events to live music festivals, there's a lot going on in Tunisia. Here are some exciting events to check out:

  • Festival of Ksour (March) - a celebration with music, authentic dance performances and traditional activities as the locals carve out underground rooms in the sandy rocks.
  • Tabarka Jazz Festival (July) - the city of Tabarka hosts a selection of different jazz flavours to enjoy.
  • Festival of Colours (June) - a musical and cultural celebration of colour, togetherness, and love, with a variety of international music.
  • The Hammamet International Festival (July–August) - an exciting music festival held over most of the summer at the Hammamet Cultural Center, with a range of the most successful jazz and theatre performers.
  • Festival of the Medina (August) - a festival hosting everything from live music and short films to plenty other fun shows.
  • Eid Al-Fitr (May) - a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan - celebrated with games, rides and all kinds of food.
  • Carthage International Film Festival (October–November) - an annual film festival designed to attract new Hollywood names and celebrate African and Arab films.
  • International Festival of the Sahara (December) - an annual festival held in Douz with a whole host of events, including camel marathons and horse racing, as well as music and dancing at night.

  • Things to do in Tunisia

    Explore the Medina of Tunis

    The Medina of Tunis shows the authentic side of Tunisian culture with ancient walkways and some of the best markets you’ll ever experience. Plus, it’ll give you an opportunity to get a taste of the country’s history.

    Visit the El Jem Amphitheatre

    One of the world’s largest and best-preserved Roman amphitheatres - a great place to climb and see the city of El Jem.

    Plan a trip to the Sahara Desert

    It’s not a holiday to Tunisia without experiencing its desert side. There are plenty of ways to explore, including camel treks, 4x4 trips and overnight stays.

    Go for a hot air balloon ride

    Tunisia has so much to offer in every way, so what better way to see it than from above? Book a hot air balloon ride and experience a bird’s eye view of all the country’s highlights.

    Wander around the souks

    Shopping at souks (markets) is the best way to experience the traditional side of Tunisia and speak to many of the locals who are selling goods. It's a great way to soak up the culture, and it's the perfect opportunity to pick up some souvenirs!

    Tunisia El Jem
    If you're still not convinced, here are our top 7 reasons to visit Tunisia.

    What's the weather like in Tunisia?

    Tunisia's African turned Mediterranean climate can be sizzling hot, especially in the peak of summer. If you prefer it a little cooler, then spring or autumn is the best time to travel. Whenever you choose to jet off, you can definitely leave your UK wardrobe at home!


    Average temp.

    Sea temp.

    Hours of sunshine per day

    Jan 12 °c 16 °c 5 h
    Feb 13 °c 15 °c 6 h
    Mar 14 °c 15 °c 6 h
    Apr 16 °c 16 °c 8 h
    May 19 °c 19 °c 9 h
    Jun 23 °c 23 °c 10 h
    Jul 27 °c 25 °c 12 h
    Aug 27 °c 27 °c 11 h
    Sep 25 °c 26 °c 9 h
    Oct 21 °c 24 °c 7 h
    Nov 16 °c 21 °c 6 h
    Dec 13 °c 18 °c 5 h

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    Important Information about travelling to Tunisia

    How long does it take to fly to Tunisia?

    Flights from the UK to Tunisia take around four hours.

    What’s the time difference between the UK and Tunisia?

    The local time in Tunisia is one hour ahead of the UK.

    What currency do they use in Tunisia?

    The official currency used in Tunisia is the Dinar.

    What language do they speak in Tunisia?

    The official language spoken in Tunisia is Arabic, but French is also widely spoken.

    Will Covid-19 affect my holiday to Tunisia?

    We are currently closely following the Covid-19 situation and how it affects travel. You can find out the most up to date information about travel to the Tunisia on the FCDO website.

    Do I need any vaccinations to visit Tunisia?

    Please check with your healthcare provider for all up to date vaccination advice before booking your holiday.

    Do I need a visa to travel to Tunisia?

    British passport holders don’t need a visa to enter Tunisia for up to three months. Holders of other passports are advised to check with their national embassy for any visa requirements.

    Customer reviews

    At On the Beach, we’ve sent many satisfied customers to Tunisia for a bit of sunshine. But don't just take our word for it, read some of their 5-star reviews below.

    Freda Wrench:

    Fabulous, always great price, very easy to use.

    Catherine Lennox:

    I've booked with On the Beach a few times now and will continue to book with them, as we always have a great holiday whether it's on our own as a couple or with the children as a family, we always get a good price and an excellent service.

    Lisa Lowe:

    Cheap holidays. Easy to find what you want and excellent availability. I’ll book again once my April holiday is over with. Thank you On the Beach.

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    Top Tunisia Hotels

    Hannibal Palace

    Sousse, Monastir, Tunisia

    Khayam Garden

    Nabeul, Monastir, Tunisia

    Barcelo Concorde Green Park Palace

    Port El Kantaoui, Monastir, Tunisia

    Sahara Beach Aquapark Resort

    Skanes, Monastir, Tunisia

    Marhaba Royal Salem

    Sousse, Monastir, Tunisia

    Hammamet Garden Resort

    Hammamet, Monastir, Tunisia

    Iberostar Selection Kuriat Palace

    Monastir Skanes, Monastir, Tunisia

    Iberostar Selection Royal El Mansour

    Mahdia, Monastir, Tunisia

    El Mouradi Skanes

    Skanes, Monastir, Tunisia

    Phenicia Hotel

    Hammamet, Monastir, Tunisia

    El Mouradi El Menzah

    Hammamet, Monastir, Tunisia

    Iberostar Selection Kantaoui Bay

    Port El Kantaoui, Monastir, Tunisia

    Palmyra Aquapark Kantaoui

    Port El Kantaoui, Monastir, Tunisia

    Palmyra Holiday Resort & Spa Marin

    Skanes, Monastir, Tunisia

    Occidental Sousse Marhaba

    Sousse, Monastir, Tunisia

    El Mouradi Palace

    Port El Kantaoui, Monastir, Tunisia

    El Mouradi Hammamet

    Hammamet, Monastir, Tunisia

    Marhaba Beach Hotel

    Sousse, Monastir, Tunisia

    Iberostar Selection Diar El Andalus

    Port El Kantaoui, Monastir, Tunisia

    Delfino Beach Resort

    Hammamet, Monastir, Tunisia

    One Resort El Mansour Hotel

    Mahdia, Monastir, Tunisia

    The Sindbad

    Hammamet, Monastir, Tunisia

    Seabel Alhambra Beach Golf & Spa

    Port El Kantaoui, Monastir, Tunisia

    Occidental Marco Polo

    Hammamet, Monastir, Tunisia

    El Mouradi Club Kantaoui

    Port El Kantaoui, Monastir, Tunisia

    One Resort Jockey

    Monastir, Monastir, Tunisia

    Medina Solaria & Thalasso Hotel

    Hammamet, Monastir, Tunisia

    Hotel El Borj Mahdia

    Mahdia, Monastir, Tunisia

    Yasmine Beach

    Hammamet, Monastir, Tunisia

    Chich Khan Hotel

    Hammamet, Monastir, Tunisia

    Tunisia Weather

    Tunisia benefits from a mixture of Mediterranean climates in the north and desert climates in the south, offering nearly year-round sunshine and warm temperatures across the country. With hot summers, warm winters, and very little rainfall throughout the year, Tunisia is a great year round destination.
    Jan 16ºC
    Feb 17ºC
    Mar 18ºC
    Apr 22ºC
    May 24ºC
    Jun 25ºC
    Jul 25ºC
    Aug 25ºC
    Sep 23ºC
    Oct 21ºC
    Nov 18ºC
    Dec 16ºC

    Things To Do on Tunisia Holidays

    A Galaxy Not So Far Far Away
    The sands of southern Tunisia are some of the most famous in the world, however they may be better known to us as the desert planet Tatooine from the Star Wars series. Release your inner Jedi with a trip to the childhood home of Luke Skywalker or a walk down the streets of Mos Espa.

    A Place to Call Rome
    Once the capital of an ancient civilisation, the ruins of Carthage still stand today allowing holidaymakers to explore marvels such as the Baths of Antonius, the third largest Roman baths ever built. The impressive Amphitheatre of El Jem is also located in Tunisia, one of the best-preserved Roman amphitheatres in the world that you may recognise from hits such as Monty Python’s Life of Brian and Gladiator.

    Market Madness
    The Souks of Tunis are a great opportunity for holidaymakers to perfect their haggling skills and bag themselves a bargain. Spread across several streets and alleys, this maze of shops offer an electrifying atmosphere that even beginner shopaholics can’t resist.

    Pink Paradise
    Just 45 minutes off the coast of Djerba lies the aptly named Flamingo Island. Take to the seas to reach this island paradise where you can enjoy a day of sailing, sunbathing and swimming, with a side of bird-watching on the pristine white sands.

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