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Olu Deniz Holidays

Olu Deniz Holidays

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Home to the famous Blue Lagoon, Olu Deniz offers amazing picturesque beaches, unbeatable weather and exciting activities for all ages.

Destination Highlights

  • Iconic Blue Lagoon
  • Long sunny summer days
  • Family-friendly fun
  • Exhilarating mountain activities
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    What are the best beaches in Olu Deniz?

    Olu Deniz is famous for the many shades of blue in its lagoon and sea, glistening away at the foot of the Babadağ mountain. Everything has been built within easy reach of both, so you get a big side of fun with all of the natural beauty, plus there are opportunities to explore along the coast if you get itchy feet.

    • The Blue Lagoon - One of the main attractions on holidays to Olu Deniz, this is ranked among the best beaches in the world. The lagoon itself is a protected nature reserve, so little ones can swim safely alongside turtles in the sparkling shallows.
    • Belcekiz Beach - The main beach running along the whole coast of the resort, with all the big hits: soft sand for lounging, ideal swimming and water sports conditions, and panoramic views of the mountains.
    • Kidrak Beach - A short trip via car or boat will get you to this romantic spot, nicknamed Paradise Beach for its calm shores and stunning cliffs.
    • Butterfly Valley Beach - For a true escape into nature, take a boat trip out to this beach and relax amongst the butterflies.
    Olu Deniz beach

    What are the top hotels in Olu Deniz?

    If you can’t decide between a beach break and an escape to nature, then Olu Deniz is a great place to enjoy a bit of both. You can enjoy the beaches by day and retire amongst the hillside trees by night at these excellent hotels:

    • Manaspark Oludeniz - This luxury hotel is close to the beach action but set back in a peaceful area, so you can have it both ways on your all-inclusive holiday to Olu Deniz.
    • Turquoise Hotel - A great pick for family holidays in Olu Deniz, with kid’s clubs and lively nightly shows.
    • Sun City Hotel & Beach Club - This hotel at the foot of a mountain has a private beach on the Blue Lagoon, as well as great evening entertainment and disabled access throughout.
    • Hotel Mavruka - An affordable option located between the lagoon and main beach, renowned for its friendly staff.
    • Symbola Oludeniz Beach Boutique - A charming hotel close to the beach, surrounded by lush greenery and offering excellent home-made meals.
    • Sertil Royal Forest Hotel - For the perfect relaxing getaway, head to this hotel set back from the coast, where you can relax in the pool and take in the amazing views from on high.
    Olu Deniz AI

    What's the food like in Olu Deniz?

    You’ll find the traditional Turkish meze everywhere, which gives you a taste of lots of little things so it’s a great intro to the local food. You should also check out these seaside favourites:

    • Midye dolma - Juicy mussels stuffed with spiced rice, pine nuts and sometimes currants.
    • Balik Ekmek - A favourite street food snack of grilled fish in a baguette.
    • Pazıda Levrek - A speciality of seabass wrapped and cooked in chard leaves.
    • Pide - Dough balls are stretched out and loaded with fillings, then baked until crispy.
    • Baklava - The national dessert, layers of filo pastry stuffed with chopped nuts and drenched in honey or syrup.

    The resort has lots of cafés and bars that offer food from around the world, plus some dedicated to Turkish treats. Here’s a taste of what you can look forward to:

    • Buzz Beach Bar - You can watch the sunset over the ocean as you tuck into this bar’s big selection of local dishes and seafood.
    • Kumsal Pide - You’ve got to try pide at least once, and this is the place to do it! Everything is home-cooked and affordable, so you can indulge in tasty foods on a cheap holiday to Olu Deniz too.
    • Blue Star Restaurant - When you’ve worked up an appetite, head to this restaurant where you’ll be treated to generous portions of local food and cocktails, all with the friendliest service.
    • The Secret Garden - Take a break from the crowds at this restaurant, where you’ll eat authentic Turkish food in a romantic garden hidden at the back.
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    Where’s the best nightlife in Olu Deniz?

    There are plenty of fun bars to choose from on beach holidays to Olu Deniz, with the resort itself being home to several spots that visitors love. The neighbouring town of Hisaronu also has some fun options and is just a short bus ride away. Don’t miss our favourite places to spend the evening:

    • Cherry Pub - The liveliest nights in the resort, with all-night DJ parties that often lead to dancing on the bar.
    • One For the Road - This bar is beloved for its friendly owners, great music, and buzzing atmosphere.
    • Mojito Bar - Enjoy cocktails and golden oldies at this bar, known for its Motown and Northern Soul playlist.
    • Glamour, Hisaronu - Take a ten-minute bus and you’ll find a drag extravaganza for all ages at this fun dinner show spot.

    What events can I go to in Olu Deniz?

    In the resort and surrounding areas, you’ll find markets and small cultural celebrations throughout the year, plus some unique sporting fixtures. Why not plan your 2022 holiday to Olu Deniz around one of these events?

    • Uzumlu Morel Mushroom Festival (April) - This charming nearby town hosts a celebration of all things fungi, including tastings and mushrooming with local guides.
    • Hıdırellez (May) - A national religious holiday heralding the start of Spring, with food, dance, and fire-jumping.
    • Victory Day (August) - Across the country, Turkey commemorates its success in a 1922 battle with military parades and concerts.
    • Lycian Way Ultra Marathon (September) - A multi-day trail-running event over the historic Lycian Way, with race lengths of up to one hundred kilometres!
    • International Music & Folk-Dance Festival (September/October) - Fethiye invites performers from around the globe to showcase the best traditional music and dance styles.
    • Oludeniz International Air Games (October) - The resort’s most famous event, drawing worldwide adrenaline-seekers to compete at sky sports like paragliding and base-jumping.
    Olu Deniz Culture

    Things to do in Olu Deniz

    Go your own way

    Olu Deniz is just one stop along the Lycian Way, a marked trail that winds around the coast for several hundred miles. It’s named after the ancient civilization that once ruled the area, so if you decide to take a hike you can see loads of historical hot spots and take amazing panoramic photos.

    Get your head in the clouds

    If you’ve ever wanted to give paragliding a go but have been put off by the cost, your Olu Deniz holidays are the perfect time to change that. Babadağ mountain and the winds around it are so well suited to sky sports that there are loads of companies like Hanuman Paragliding who offer affordable trips with a pro by your side.

    Muddy the waters

    If you prefer to do your exploring at sea level, take a day trip by boat to Dalyan. You’ll be taken to the natural mud baths where you can slip around and take in all those healing vibes, then afterwards you’ll head to Iztuzu Beach to spot the very rare turtles that have made the beach their home.

    Let it all go

    The nation is famous for its baths, so you don’t want to miss out on the real deal while you’re here. For the ultimate day of relaxation head to the Sanctuary Day Spa & Turkish Bath, perfect for soothing the aches after a long day’s walk. Or just as a special treat!

    What's the weather like in Olu Deniz?

    If you’re booking a last-minute holiday to Olu Deniz in the summer months you’re guaranteed long hours of sunshine, dry heat, and warm seas. Spring and autumn weather is slightly milder, with the risk of rain increasing between November and March.


    Average temp.

    Sea temp.

    Hours of sunshine per day

    Jan 12 °c 15 °c 7 h
    Feb 13 °c 15 °c 8 h
    Mar 15 °c 15 °c 9 h
    Apr 17 °c 16 °c 10 h
    May 20 °c 18 °c 12 h
    Jun 24 °c 21 °c 13 h
    Jul 26 °c 24 °c 13 h
    Aug 26 °c 26 °c 13 h
    Sep 25 °c 25 °c 10 h
    Oct 21 °c 22 °c 8 h
    Nov 17 °c 19 °c 7 h
    Dec 13 °c 17 °c 6 h

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    Important Information about travelling to Olu Deniz

    How long does it take to fly to Olu Deniz?

    Flights from the UK to Dalaman Airport take around 4 hours, followed by a short transfer by car to Olu Deniz.

    What’s the time difference between the UK and Olu Deniz?

    Olu Deniz is 3 hours ahead of the UK.

    What currency do they use in Olu Deniz?

    The currency used in Olu Deniz is the Turkish Lira.

    What language do they speak in Olu Deniz?

    The official language in Olu Deniz is Turkish.

    Do I need any vaccinations to visit Olu Deniz?

    Please check with your healthcare provider for all up to date vaccination advice before booking your holiday.

    Do I need to pay tax on my holiday to Olu Deniz?

    You may need to pay tourist tax on your holiday to Olu Deniz. Customers will need to pay this directly to the hotel and will be a rate paid per person, per night and the amount will vary dependant on the star rating of the hotel. Rates are usually between 80p and £2.50 per person, per night.

    Do I need a visa to travel to Olu Deniz?

    You don’t need a visa to visit Olu Deniz for fewer than 90 days.

    Will Covid-19 affect my holiday to Olu Deniz?

    We are currently closely following the Covid-19 situation and how it affects travel. You can find out the most up to date information about travel to Olu Deniz on the FCO website.

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    Villa Turk Apartments

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    Olu Deniz Weather

    Olu Deniz has temperatures that make you green with envy: in the 30s° Celsius during summer and a respectable 10 to 15° Celsius even in December! For best tanning results, the skies are permanently clear from May till November, so leave your umbrella at home and rather than going green with envy, get bronzed up on holidays to Olu Deniz!

    Jan 13ºC
    Feb 15ºC
    Mar 16ºC
    Apr 18ºC
    May 21ºC
    Jun 24ºC
    Jul 27ºC
    Aug 27ºC
    Sep 25ºC
    Oct 20ºC
    Nov 16ºC
    Dec 13ºC


    When you see beach photographs in tourism pamphlets, chances are it's Olu Deniz - it's one of the world's most snapped beaches. The golden sands overlooking the pure waters are flanked by a beautiful blue lagoon on one side and sheltered by the pine-covered Babadag mountain. For some incredible views away from the beach itself, scale the mountain to reach the hilltop towns of Hisaronu and Ovacik, where you can sit amidst the forest and watch the sun's slow retreat. One thing is for certain; the photographs of your Olu Deniz holidays will be amazing!

    Things To Do on Olu Deniz Holidays

    There's so much to find on Olu Deniz holidays that you'll hardly have a chance to relax by that world-class beach: you can take a trip down the leafy Lycean Way to the Butterfly Valley to take in the colourful cascades of butterflies capering round the shoreline - a breathtaking sight. Feeling the heat? Then travel to the hidden gorge of Saklikent where huge geysers of cool water burst forth from the giant rocks.

    For some culture, head to the ruins of the city of Lycia, complete with 3,000 year-old temples, or the museum at Fethiye, home to treasures from the Persian, Roman and even Iron Ages!


    You're never far from local culture on holidays to Olu Deniz, with villages and seaside retreats proliferating around the light blue waters. Perhaps the best example of this is Kaya, the picturesque hamlet where farming families keep their horses and till the soil amid the ruins of ancient Greek homes. Visit the quiet town of Ovacik to sample rural delights such as kebabs and baked pide bread, with seafood fillings.

    For a less rustic atmosphere, the local market at Hisaronu on Mondays is worth the bus-ride for the chance to barter away for hand-wrought carpets and satins.

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