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Ixia Holidays

Ixia Holidays

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If you're searching for a holiday in Greece but are looking beyond the well-known resorts of Rhodes Town or Faliraki, the village of Ixia is a fantastic alternative. Located on the northwest coast, it is a hugely popular purposely-developed holiday location for tourists, but it remains distinguishable from the better-known locations though because of its remarkable atmosphere. Ixia is noticeably laid back, which makes it an ideal holiday choice for families or elderly visitors looking to get away from it all. There aren't many 24-hour nightclubs in Ixia, but even young party-animals will be happy; Rhodes Town is only 5 kilometres away, and when considering the water-sports on offer, and the excellent entertainment provided by many hotels, its certain that no one will be short of amusement. Whether young or old, in search of thrills are relaxing, Ixia will ensure a good time for all.

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Ixia Weather

Avid sun seekers will be happy as like most other towns on Rhodes, Ixia enjoys a good temperature in the summer months, with the hottest being July and August. However, those who don't enjoy extreme heat will welcome Ixia's almost constant summer breeze, which sweeps in from the northwest. This has the effect of counteracting the heat, and so cooling the temperature to a median of around 22 or 23°, so everyone can keep cool - and still get that bronzed tan! In the evening though, the coolness will be more evident, but you'll still need only wear a T-shirt when going out.

Most hotels in Rhodes have swimming pools, so for those holidaying with children, or for weak swimmers, using the facilities of your hotel may be advisable over visiting the seashore, when the wind can make the sea quite rough.

Jan 12ºC
Feb 12ºC
Mar 14ºC
Apr 19ºC
May 23ºC
Jun 26ºC
Jul 30ºC
Aug 30ºC
Sep 24ºC
Oct 20ºC
Nov 15ºC
Dec 13ºC


Being Ixia's most celebrated feature, the seashore is never far away. A spotlessly clean and hygienic beach runs the entire length of the town, with wonderful turquoise waters. Look carefully across the waters and you'll be able to make out the mountains of nearby Turkey.

In town, the landscape is very cosmopolitan and palatial; a look afforded by the many luxurious hotels and properties Ixia is home to. This is not to say that Ixia is without tradition though; quite the opposite. Even downtown, Ixia is lined with clusters of beautiful trees and fauna, while outside of town you'll be able to view patches of land with orange trees and farm animals. With muscular mountains looming around Ixia, you'll never be short of a wonderful view.

Things To Do on Ixia Holidays

The wonderful sandy beach is Ixia's most coveted feature, and watersports fanatics are drawn to it in their thousands. Para gliding and windsurfing are extremely popular activities, so expect to see the sea dotted with thrill seekers, but if you're inclined to a less strenuous activity, a ride in a boat or a dinghy is a great choice.

If you've had enough of the watersports, try visiting the wonderful Rodos Palace Hotel - one of many luxurious hotels in Ixia. Once there, you'll be able to sample the delights of a sauna and masseuse for a truly indulgent holiday experience! The attractions of Rhodes town, including one of the Seven Wonders of the World, are also only a short distance away!


Like Rhodes town, Ixia is a location with a wonderful history, so lovers of Greek history will be pleased. For the most informative and engaging sights, head to Lalysos, which is an extremely important archaeological site. Once there, you'll be able to view the amazing ruins of the temple of Zeus and Athena Poliada - a sight that is sure to excite young and old minds alike.

Like other villages in Rhodes Island, Ixia celebrates a large amount of religious festivals during the year, the most popular of which is Easter in April. If you're planning to go to Ixia in August though, be sure to partake in the over the top and atmospheric celebrations for the Virgin Mary. Taking place on the 15th, the main stret will be crowded with lots of people, food and music, while an icon of the Virgin is paraded down the main road. The emphasis is on joviality and gaity, so feel free to join in!


For younger people, the amenities of a larger place like Rhodes Town will perhaps provide a more lively evening out, but that's not to say that Ixia doesn't have charms of its own. Most hotels will provide a great evening of entertainment, but if you feel like venturing out, the centre of town is undoubtedly the best place to go. There you'll find taverns and restaurants providing great Greek food and music. It's also good idea to take a trip down at sunset - as the sun descends from the sky and Ixia gets dark, the restaurants and bars will turn on their lights and illuminate the entire street, which makes for a truly dazzling sight.

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If you're looking for an alternative holiday in Rhodes, Ixia is the ideal location. As a contemporary town you'll love the wonderful hotels, while the activities on offer are sure to keep everyone busy. Family, couples or friends- Ixia caters for everyone. With the On The Beach convenient live booking system you can find bargain flights and hotels right now!