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Italy Holidays

Italy Holidays

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Italy is famed for its romantic scenery and, of course, it’s cuisine. Why not take the trip and sample some pizza overlooking the delightful Amalfi coast?

Destination Highlights

  • Iconic beaches
  • Warm summer evenings
  • Perfect for romantic getaways
  • The home of pizza!
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    What are the best beaches in Italy?

    Southern Italy is home to a stretch of striking coastline known as the Neapolitan Riviera, where beaches of all kinds are bordered by mighty cliffs and picturesque homes. However, beach holidays in Italy aren’t confined to the mainland, as the neighbouring island of Sardinia is also home to some beautiful spots.

    • Marina Grand Beach, Positano - A popular and sociable beach, with plenty of bars and restaurants to keep you topped up.
    • Furore Beach, Amalfi - This hidden location is one of Italy’s prettiest photo opportunities, with a bridge between cliffs high above a secluded beach.
    • Spiaggia 300 Gradini, Gaeta - Translating as ‘300 steps beach’, visitors taking the trek are rewarded with soft sands and natural beauty.
    • La Gaiola beach, Naples - Enticing blue-green water, unique rocky scenery, diverse marine life – what’s not to love?
    • La Pelosa, Sardinia - The perfect choice for family holidays to Italy, as you can wade out safely in the clear, blue shallow waters.
    • Cala Goloritzé, Sardinia - A UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the turquoise seas meet distinctive limestone cliffs.
    Italy beach

    What are the top hotels in Italy?

    Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive holiday to Italy or just a place to rest your head, there are hundreds of luxury coastal hotels to choose from. Check out these dreamy locations that offer the best sea views:

    • Club 2 Torri - Every room has a balcony overlooking the sea, making this the perfect destination for romantic Italy holidays on the Amalfi Coast.
    • Europa Palace - Minutes away from Sorrento town centre, this grand hotel’s appeal includes a private beachside swimming pool.
    • Palazzo Salgar - This stylish hotel offers modern rooms right in the heart of Naples, just minutes from the seafront.
    • Hotel Balocco - Get the best of both worlds at this chilled-out hotel, as you laze by the pool and take in the seaside views.
    • Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu - Along with fantastic views of the Northern coast of Sardinia, this five-star hotel offers both relaxation and activities for all the family.
    • Colonna Grand Hotel Capo Testa - You’ll never have to leave the beach as this high-end hotel is located right on the sands and includes its own private stretch of beach among its many features.
    Italy AI

    What's the food like in Italy?

    If you haven’t eaten pizza, pasta, and ice cream - where have you been?! Your holidays to Italy are the perfect chance to try authentic versions of your favourites, but don’t miss out on these tasty dishes too:

    • Cuoppo - Naples’ answer to fish and chips! Fresh seafood is fried in a light crispy batter and served in a cone.
    • Totani E Patate Alla Praianese - A hearty dish of squid and potatoes doused in white wine.
    • Sea Urchins - Yes, really! Sardinia is famed for its sea urchin dishes, try them with authentic fresh spaghetti.
    • Limoncello - No Italian holiday is complete without a shot of cooling Limoncello to end a meal.
    • Seadas - An unusual Sardinian dessert pastry filled with lemon-scented cheese and topped with orange blossom honey.

    These coastal eateries are renowned for their fine foods:

    • Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba, Naples - The world’s oldest pizzeria, they’ve been serving tasty traditional recipes for over 200 years.
    • Da Adolfo, Positano - This seafood restaurant’s secluded private beach location makes it ideal for a romantic lunch date.
    • Cioccolato e Gelato Andrea Pansa, Amalfi - You can grab some of the world’s finest gelato here, as well as other Italian desserts.
    • Mediterraneum Caffe, Castelsardo - A chilled out and friendly place to share traditional lunch with family while you take in ocean views.
    • Gintilla Vegan Restaurant, Cagliari - Nobody has to miss out on Italian delicacies at this fine elegant dining spot.
    Italy food

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    Where’s the best nightlife in Italy?

    Across the country you’ll find everything from posh wine bars to pumping nightclubs, but you won’t need to stray far from the beach to get to these lively spots:

    • Piazza Bellini, Naples - This square is popular with party-goers young and old, where you can head to a bar or just enjoy the live music outside with a beer in hand.
    • Il Pirata, Praiano - Drink up me hearties, yo ho! This fun pirate-themed bar is built right into a rock formation.
    • Rada, Positano - Here you can sip on posh cocktails on the outdoor terrace, or head inside to dance the night away to live Italian music.
    • Agua, Alghero - This popular seaside nightclub has free entry, making it a great shout for cheaper holidays to Italy.
    • Phi Beach disco, Baia - Get tipsy watching the sunset, then join the party as their DJs play international hits throughout the night.
    Italy Culture

    What events can I go to in Italy?

    You’ll find that the country has events that are celebrated nationally, as well as more local affairs to enjoy. Here’s a mix of both to expect on your holiday to Italy:

    • Regata della Befana (January) - A parade of revellers dressed as witches row through the canals of Venice.
    • Carnevale (February) - Towns across the country stage colourful parades in the lead-up to Ash Wednesday, where you can find lots of seasonal sweet treats.
    • Venice Biennale (April) - Arty types will already know of this world-famous event, where you’ll find the cutting edge of contemporary art in all its forms.
    • Monumenti Aperti (May) - Throughout the month, cultural and historical sites that don’t usually allow visitors are opened to the public.
    • Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics (June) - An incredible display of historical ships and costumes at sea, rotating annually between Amalfi, Pisa, Genoa, and Venice.
    • Napoli Pizza Village Festival (June) - Europe’s biggest pizza festival where you can try 100,000 varieties of Italy’s best export.
    • Ravello Music Festival (July–August) - Italy’s answer to the Proms, with plenty of chances to see international orchestras play by the sea.
    • Ferragosto (August) - A national holiday dating back to Roman times, marked by locals hitting the beaches and eating an unusual chocolate aubergine dish.
    • Round Sardinia Race (September) - Boats of all sizes travel the world’s oceans to take part in this race, which you can watch from any of the beaches in Sardinia.
    • Truffle Season (October-November) - While we may associate truffles with the ultimate in fine dining, Italy has a huge harvest of the delicacy in the Autumn, and many towns host feasts and celebrations that foodies will love.
    • Capodanno (December) - Naples does New Year’s Eve in style, with an all-night outdoor disco and fireworks across the city.

    Things to do in Italy

    Get topped up

    If you can’t get enough of the amazing Italian cuisine, take one of the many tasting tours from Sorrento. You’ll be taken to local farms and vineyards where you can try the finest wines, olive oil, and of course, limoncello.

    Hit the streets

    If you’re a shopaholic, you’ll want to check out the town of Olbia, on Sardinia’s Emerald Coast. There are daily street markets where you can find everything from local delicacies to fine art, and over a hundred boutiques for unique fashion finds.

    Get snap happy

    Whether you’re working with a high-tech camera or just your phone, the Neapolitan Riviera will inspire your inner photographer. Take the most Instagram-worthy pics at Positano viewpoint, the Terrace of Infinity, and the Path of the Gods.

    The floor is lava!

    We all learnt about the Mt. Vesuvius volcano in school, but how many kids got to walk up it? The hike is manageable for families of confident walkers and leads to amazing views over the ruins of Pompeii.

    True blue

    The Blue Grotto is a natural wonder that awaits you in a cave beneath the off-shore Capri Island. The famous site earned its name because it’s home to the brightest azure seawater you’ll ever see! Catch a tour from Marina Grande which will take you right to the rowboats at the cave entrance.

    What's the weather like in Italy?

    While the weather can differ across the country, you’ll generally get the most glorious sunshine between July and October. As each location will vary it’s always best to check the local forecast before booking any last-minute holidays to Italy.


    Average temp.

    Sea temp.

    Hours of sunshine per day

    Jan 9 °c 15 °c 4 h
    Feb 9 °c 14 °c 4 h
    Mar 12 °c 16 °c 5 h
    Apr 14 °c 16 °c 6 h
    May 18 °c 19 °c 8 h
    Jun 21 °c 24 °c 9 h
    Jul 25 °c 26 °c 10 h
    Aug 25 °c 26 °c 10 h
    Sep 22 °c 25 °c 8 h
    Oct 18 °c 23 °c 6 h
    Nov 13 °c 19 °c 4 h
    Dec 12 °c 14 °c 3 h

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    Important Information about travelling to Italy

    How long does it take to fly to Italy?

    Flights from the UK mainland to Italy take around 2 hours.

    What’s the time difference between the UK and Italy?

    Italy is 1 hour ahead of the UK.

    What currency do they use in Italy?

    The official currency in Italy is the Euro.

    What language do they speak in Italy?

    The official language is Italian, though you will find many English speakers in tourist destinations.

    Do I need any vaccinations to visit Italy?

    Please check with your healthcare provider for all up to date vaccination advice before booking your holiday.

    Do I need to pay tax on my holiday to Italy?

    Customers are required to pay a tourist tax of between 0.75 Euro and 2.50 Euro per person per night, dependant on the star rating of the hotel. Children under 14 are exempt from the tax.

    Do I need a visa to travel to Italy?

    You do not need a visa to travel to Italy as long as you stay for fewer than 90 days.

    Will Covid-19 affect my holiday to Italy?

    We are currently closely following the Covid-19 situation and how it affects travel. You can find out the most up to date information about travel to Italy here: FCO website.

    Customer reviews

    At On the Beach, we’ve sent many satisfied customers to Italy for a bit of sunshine. But don't just take our word for it, read some of their 5-star reviews below.

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    Amazing service will always book with on the beach

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    Top Italy Hotels


    Palermo, Sicily, Italy


    St Agnello, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

    Residence Palau Green Village

    Palau, Sardinia, Italy


    Sorrento, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

    Hilton Sorrento Palace

    Sorrento, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

    Il Monastero

    Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy

    Lu Nibareddu

    Monte Petrosu, Sardinia, Italy

    Europa Palace

    Sorrento, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

    Villa Romana

    Minori, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

    Cala Gonone Beach Village

    Cala Gonone, Sardinia, Italy

    Grand Hotel Cocumella

    St Agnello, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

    Art Hotel Gran Paradiso

    Sorrento, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

    Grand Hotel Capodimonte

    Sorrento, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

    Grand Hotel La Pace

    Sorrento, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

    Villa Margherita Hotel

    Golfo Aranci, Sardinia, Italy

    Colonna Grand Hotel Capo Testa

    Santa Teresa Gallura, Sardinia, Italy

    Grande Baia Resort Hotel

    San Teodoro, Sardinia, Italy

    Montespina Park Hotel

    Bagnoli, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

    Del Real Orto Botanico

    Naples, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy


    Naples, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

    Best Western Suites & Residence Hotel

    Naples, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

    Grand Hotel de la Ville

    Sorrento, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

    Positano Art Hotel Pasitea

    Positano, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

    Art Resort Galleria Umberto

    Naples, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

    San Teodoro

    San Teodoro, Sardinia, Italy

    Vista Blu Resort

    Alghero, Sardinia, Italy

    Mondello Palace

    Palermo, Sicily, Italy

    Athenaeum Palermo

    Palermo, Sicily, Italy

    La Playa Blanca

    Santo Stefano Di Camastra, Sicily, Italy

    Hotel Margherita

    Praiano, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

    Italy Weather

    Any time is the right time to visit Italy as even in the midst of the British winter, you can warm yourself to the golden sun shining down on a Calabrian beach or a Sicilian fishing port. The weather in the country is as varied as its regions. Most of the country is awash in sunshine the vast majority of the time. The Alpine resorts offer skiing and winter sports for up to eight months of the year.

    Further south, winters are mild and predominantly sunny, with the prospects of even the slightest snowfall disappearing by the time you reach Rome, but as you approach the southern tip towards Sicily, you can find what would be termed early summer weather in the UK in the depths of January while the rest of Europe shivers under grey overcasts. Summers are glorious, hot and interminably sunny almost everywhere in the country.

    Jan 12ºC
    Feb 14ºC
    Mar 18ºC
    Apr 20ºC
    May 21ºC
    Jun 24ºC
    Jul 26ºC
    Aug 27ºC
    Sep 25ºC
    Oct 20ºC
    Nov 15ºC
    Dec 10ºC

    Things To Do on Italy Holidays

    Sorrento is full of things to do to keep your whole party entertained. For the brave amongst you, why not try the Amalfi Drive? The road linking Sorrento with neighbouring Amalfi winds through the picturesque Mediterranean cliff tops, although it is not advised for those who suffer from nerves when behind the wheel - what a holiday to remember! For those of you looking for a snippet of Italian culture, then a number of churches, some dating back as far as the 14th Century, are open for general public viewing.

    The area's attraction to the famous is also something which is evident within the town, with many of the cobbled streets lined with high quality shops and designer boutiques. The area also offers a number of festivals throughout the year which you may like to book your holiday to coincide with.


    From the time the ancient Greeks established expansive colonies on the western coasts of Sicily until the Renaissance brought an unparalleled intellectual and artistic flowering, the history of Europe has been centred on this majestic country. The early Latin tribes who displaced the Etruscans in the fertile lands surrounding the Tiber River began a journey that soon saw them masters of the known world, imposing their culture and influence from the Scottish borders to Upper Egypt and all the way into eastern Asia.

    The Renaissance was a unique historical nexus where it seemed that for a century or so, all of the genius of the human race was focused on Italy, leading to an explosion of art, science, literature and exploration which is immaculately preserved for you to discover!

    Book a Italy Holiday now!

    A holiday to Italy is something you will cherish forever. Many of our previous customers who have gone on an Italy holiday have gone back time and time again because they can't get enough of the culture, food, history, architecture and style. If you would like to taste what Italy has to offer, book your holiday today with On The Beach!

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