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Ciutadella Holidays

Ciutadella Holidays

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If you've visited Menorca's capital Mahon and want to explore the history of the island in depth, a visit to Ciutadella will provide a fantastic Balearic holiday for you. Located on the extreme western coast, Menorca's old capital offers you a range of fantastic amenities and views, including fantastic shopping and nightlife, as well as great architecture and a wonderful marina.

All of these factors mean Ciutadella holidays are ideal for visitor of any age; whether you're old or young, holidaying with family or just a couple looking to relax, there's something to do for everyone! With a fine array of opportunities for shopping and excursions too, Ciutadella will provide you with Menorca holidays that you'll never forget!

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Ciutadella Weather

You're sure to find that the weather in Ciutadella is great almost any time you choose to visit. For the best sun, go on holidays to Ciutadella in July or August to sample the delights of a Meditteranean summer, when temperatures will hit around 30° Celsius. You'll want to spend a lot of the time on nearby Cala Santandria beach (3 kilometres south of the city) then, so make the most of the average 10 hours sunshine Ciutadella receives to really boost that tan! Evening temperatures are a cooler 24° Celsius, so it's still ideal for dining out in the evening.

If you'd like to explore the wonderful sights when the sun isn't at its hottest, then take your Ciutadella holidays in March or April. As well as being able to enjoy the Greek Orthodox Easter celebrations, the temperatures at this time of year will be a cool but comfortable 22° Celsius with a higher chance of rainfall, meaning your break will still have plenty of sunshine, but also lots of respite from the sun too.

Jan 13ºC
Feb 15ºC
Mar 16ºC
Apr 18ºC
May 21ºC
Jun 24ºC
Jul 27ºC
Aug 27ºC
Sep 25ºC
Oct 20ºC
Nov 16ºC
Dec 13ºC


When you go on holidays to Ciutadella, you'll think that time has stood still! The centre of town is beautifully antiquated, with traces of French and Moorish architecture, especially along the main road. Ciutadella also features many churches and palaces that are ideal for photos, as well as a famous Cathedral, which took 500 years to construct! With such an amazing history, the best way to sample the landscape is by foot; soaking up the ambience of the narrow but easily walk-able winding streets, with the chatter of restaurant diners, is a wonderful and peaceful experience.

Although Ciutadella doesn't have it's very own beach, the overall landscape is more than compensation. The focal point is the marina, which is lined with ornate houses and rugged rocks with trees and fauna. Located right next to a shimmering sea, and with mountains all around, Ciutadella just delivers on every aspect of an impressive landscape.

Things To Do on Ciutadella Holidays

If you want to spend a day lounging on the beach, head on over to Cala Santandria, the nearest beach only 3 kilometres south of Ciutadella's city centre, to really enjoy yourself. Small, but clean and pleasant, it offers good watersports activities, and even yachting. Most impressive is that, due to it's location, this point of the island is closest to neighbouring island Majorca, so on a clear day you might be able to make out the coastline!

You'll also want to spend plenty of time at the marina, when, bathed in sunshine, the sight of the fisherman's houses provides a quaint and antiquated view that'll certainly have you getting the cameras out! With a throng of restaurants and bars, you'll be able to enjoy a great evening out with a wonderful view overlooking the Marina. Ciutadella also has a reliable transport system, so if you feel like an excursion why not try and visit the small village of Sa Caleta to sample Menorcan small-town life?


Ciutadella was once the capital city of Menorca until the British moved it to Mahon in 1721. The city is a huge draw for history fans as it possesses a massive historical background that is truly worthy of exploration. Ciutadella was originally founded in the 4th Century, and was governed by the Moors until it was recaptured by an army serving King Alfonso II. In 1588, the town was put under siege for eight whole days by the Ottoman Turks, with 3,099 survivors of the siege taken to Turkey and put into slavery.

Evidence of this amazing history is all around town; head to the main town square, Plaza d'es Born, to view an obelisk that commemorates the amazing defence of the city. Even today, it is said that inhabitants of the old quarter of town around Cami De Baix are discovering ancient artefacts, including Roman remains!

If it's cultural immersion you want from your Menorca holidays, Ciutadella has it in spades! With celebrations all year round, its impossible to miss a major local event. If you're going in June, you'll love the Fiesta de San Juan, which is celebrated at the end of the month and features bonfires, fireworks, and lots of music and dancing!

If you're thinking of a September holiday though, a visit during the 6th and 9th of September will mean you're able to witness the Festival of Our Lady Of Grace, a celebration that involves equestrian performances - ideal for entertaining children!


Many people are greatly surprised by the nightlife on holidays in Ciutadella, believing the ancient city to be dusty and quiet - far from it! Ciutadella is lively and welcoming, so get down to the centre of town to sample the live music and fantastic restaurants. Your hotel in Menorca will also provide you with quality entertainment every night.

If you'd like to try something different on your Ciutadella holidays, why not try visiting Pedro's and experience the excitement of traditional flamenco, making it an ideal night out for everyone. Pedro's is especially popular from June to October, but if you're heading outside of this time then try visiting a beach or marina side bar for a relaxed and serene evening. What better way to enjoy your Menorca holidays than with fantastic views, a sunset and a jug of Sangria?

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If your break must include plenty of relaxing, great views, and historical sites, then Ciutadella holidays are perfect for you. No matter what your age or who you holiday with, this town truly welcomes and caters for all visitors, and with so much to do you'll never be without entertainment.

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