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Cala D Or Holidays

Cala D Or Holidays

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Crystal waters, year-round warmth and bars that create a buzzing atmosphere along the marina. You can see why couples and families love Cala d’Or.

Destination highlights

  • Warm weather all year
  • Crystal-clear sea
  • Good mix of adults-only and family hotels
  • Lively marina bar scene
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    What are the best beaches in Cala d'Or?

    Mallorca’s east coast has beaches in all kinds of nooks and crannies, and the ones around Cala d’Or range from big sandy sweeps to hidden rocky gems. We love spending the day at these ones:

    • Playa Cala Gran – The town’s lively main beach is famous for its striking turquoise water, perfect for spotting fish while snorkelling or paddle boating.
    • Cala Petita – Escape from the crowds at this romantic little beach with a great restaurant nearby.
    • Caló d'es Pou - A gentle sandy beach perfect for chilled-out days on family holidays in Cala d’Or.
    • Cala Mitjana - A little bit of exploration will get you to this gorgeous cove, a popular spot for impromptu photoshoots.
    • Parc natural de Mondragó - Just down the coast you’ll find this huge natural park with three of its own beaches, each one packed with local wildlife and beauty.


    What are the top hotels in Cala d'Or?

    Lots of the hotels have that authentic Iberian look with pretty, white buildings and decor, which really adds to the sense of relaxing luxury in the town. These are our favourites for a range of travellers:

  • Monsuau Cala D’Or Boutique Hotel - An Adult Only escape with modern rooms, delicious food, and the fancy Sky Lounge bar.
  • Blue Sea Ses Cases D’or - A lovely location for All Inclusive holidays in Cala d’Or, with spacious apartments and entertainment for all ages.
  • Sentido Tucan Hotel - This Adult Only hotel offers ultimate relaxation at its spa and peaceful pool, with the lively town on its doorstep.
  • Gavimar Cala Gran Costa Del Sur - A comfortable and affordable base for all your holiday action, with good accessible facilities.
  • MarSenses Ferrara Blanca Hotel - Luxury fun for all the family awaits you at this hotel that offers entertainment and relaxation for all ages.
  • Inturotel Cala Azul Garden - Cheap and cheerful in every sense, with rooms and meals far exceeding the three-star rating.
  • Melia Cala d’Or Boutique Hotel - Get the full glam treatment at this five-star hotel with plush white suites, and pools surrounded by tropical gardens.

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    What’s the food like in Cala d'Or?

    Like any good coastal town, you’ll get to eat excellent seafood on your Cala d’Or holidays. Flavour-wise you can expect punchy Spanish spices and the island’s freshest crops, like olives, pine nuts, and many colourful veggies. These local dishes get our tastebuds tingling:

    • Pescado a al mallorquina - Usually grouper or seabass, baked with seasonal veg, pine nuts, and raisins.
    • Pica pica - A tapas dish of squid or cuttlefish cooked in tomatoes, onion, and garlic.
    • Sobrassada - A cured pork sausage with paprika and spices, can be served as a spread.
    • Lomo Con Col - Pork wrapped in cabbage leaves, often flavoured with pine nuts, raisins, and sobrassada.
    • Coca - Majorca's pizza-like baked dough, this comes with various tasty toppings.

    If you’ve plumped for an All Inclusive holiday in Cala d’Or, you’ll have your fill of tasty food from around the world. Outside of the hotels, you can enjoy the best local flavours close to the sea at these spots:

    • La Bodega Mallorca - A family-friendly restaurant offering generous portions of traditional fare at great prices.
    • Mia's Boat House - Widely considered the island’s best veggie tapas place, with yummy cocktails too.
    • Port Petit - For a special night on your Cala d’Or holidays, head to this fabulous restaurant that features in the Michelin guide. Creative seafood dishes await you.
    • S’Ancora - Watch the boats go by as you tuck into a seafood lunch at this casual venue.
    • Cala D’ice - Our favourite place to cool off with a big cone of ice cream in loads of weird and wonderful flavours.

    Where is the best nightlife in Cala d'Or?

    All along the streets and marina, there are bars and lounges where you can see the evening out watching live music performances, drink in hand. These are a mix of up-tempo fun and more laid-back vibes:

    • Cala Gran Cocktail Bar - The best place to spend a few hours chilling out with the fanciest cocktails and friendly bartenders.
    • Tropical Garden - Here you can see fab live shows every night, even on cheap holidays in Cala d’Or! Entry to the performances is free for the whole family, all you pay for is the drinks.
    • Sparkles Music Bar - Everything you need for a fun night on the tiles, whether you want to watch the footy or put on a little karaoke number.
    • Smugglers - A home away from home, bringing you the best of British pubs and lovely harbour views.


    What events can I go to in Cala d'Or?

    The port offers a pocket of calm from your busy life, but it does offer up a few fiestas! Mallorca is always celebrating something, so you can bank on something happening even on last-minute holidays to Cala d’Or. Here’s our pick of local festivities:

    • Carnival (February) - Majorca doesn’t do carnival by halves, so you can expect big, colourful parties and parades in the lead up to Lent.
    • Cala d'Or Jazz Festival (May/June) - International musicians play jazz, swing, and soul at free, open-air concerts across the town.
    • Verge del Carme Festival (July) - A sweet event in which coastal villages decorate boats and send them out to sea with religious statues.
    • Fiesta of la Mare de Déu del Mar (August) - The town honours their patron saint with impressive processions around the harbour, plus plenty of live music and fun.
    • Sobrassada Fair (October) - Campos puts on a spread of Mallorca’s famous sausage at this treat for meat lovers.
    • Song of the Sibyl (December) - If you’re lucky enough to be taking your holidays in Cala d’Or over Christmas Eve, you can catch this UNESCO-protected event which sees a young woman carrying a sword through church, while performing Gregorian chants.

    Things to do in Cala d'Or

    Be free as a bird

    We’ve mentioned why you’ll want to visit Mondragó Natural Park on beach holidays in Cala d’Or, but the bays aren’t all it has to offer. You can easily spend a day hiking through its many trees and remains of historical buildings. Or you can spot the many rare birds as they migrate to the wetland area, making it a great place to test your wildlife photography skills as well.

    Get under the surface

    There are always places you can learn to dive at coastal resorts, but they’re not always as well-reviewed as Acqua Life Dive Center. Not only will you get the chance to see unusual sea creatures up close, you’ll also be coached by a funny and caring team that make sure you’re in safe hands as you take the plunge.

    Full steam ahead!

    For a fun and low-cost way to get around the area, hop on the Minitrenit. This little train is ideal for families, or anyone who would like to take in the sights without too much walking in between. It can be a bit of a bumpy ride, but that’s all part of the charm!

    Get the massage

    To take your destressing to the next level, book yourself in with Quincho Massages for a solo or couple’s treatment. They work their magic in a truly relaxing setting with natural beauty all around, and they’re super friendly too.

     things to do

    What's the weather like in Cala d'Or?

    The east coast of Mallorca is known for warm and dry weather thanks to shelter from the surrounding mountains. For the guaranteed heat and sun, book your 2022 holidays to Cala d’Or between May and September. Warm temperatures stay put throughout the year, but the chance of rainfall rises between November and February.


    Average temp.

    Sea temp.

    Hours of sunshine per day

    Jan 9 °c 15 °c 5 h
    Feb 10 °c 14 °c 6 h
    Mar 12 °c 14 °c 6 h
    Apr 14 °c 15 °c 7 h
    May 17 °c 17 °c 9 h
    Jun 23 °c 21 °c 10 h
    Jul 25 °c 24 °c 11 h
    Aug 26 °c 25 °c 10 h
    Sep 22 °c 24 °c 8 h
    Oct 19 °c 22 °c 6 h
    Nov 14 °c 19 °c 5 h
    Dec 10 °c 16 °c 5 h

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    Important Information about travelling to Cala d'Or

    How long does it take to fly to Cala d'Or?

    Flights from the UK to Palma de Mallorca Airport take around two and a half hours, followed by a short transfer via car to Cala d’Or.

    What’s the time difference between the UK and Cala d'Or?

    Cala D’or is one hour ahead of the UK.

    What currency do they use in Cala d'Or?

    The currency used in Cala d’Or is the euro.

    What language do they speak in Cala d'Or?

    The official languages in Cala d’Or are Spanish and Catalan.

    Do I need any vaccinations to visit Cala d'Or?

    Please check with your healthcare provider for all up to date vaccination advice before booking your holiday.

    Do I need to pay tax on my holiday to Cala d'Or?

    The Balearic Govt. charge a sustainable tourism tax on all overnight stays which is payable on arrival in the hotel. From 1st January 2018 this increased to:

    • 5-star & 4-star superior hotels: €4 per day
    • 4-star & 3-star superior hotels: €3 per day
    • 1-star, 2-star & 3-star hotels: €2 per day

    Exclusions: Children under the age of 16 are exempt from the tax and long-term holidaymakers may be subject to a 50% discount starting from the ninth day of their stay onwards. There is also a 75% discount in low season between 1st November and 30th April each year.

    Will Covid-19 affect my holiday to Cala d'Or?

    We are currently closely following the Covid-19 situation and how it affects travel. You can find out the most up to date information about travel to Cala d'Or on the FCO website.

    Do I need a visa to travel to Cala d'Or?

    British passport holders don’t need a visa to enter Cala d'Or. Holders of other passports are advised to check with their national embassy for any visa requirements.

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    Customer reviews

    At On the Beach, we’ve sent many satisfied customers to Cala d'Or for a bit of sunshine. But don't just take our word for it, read some of their 5-star reviews below.

    Mr Adcock:

    Absolutely delighted with the service its first rate


    On The Beach were very helpful in helping me to finalise my accomodation after an exchange of Hotels

    Amanda Burroughs:

    Always my first choice for booking holidays. Seamless from beginning to end every time. Great locations, accommodations and prices.

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